Kitchen Ranges

Over 125 kitchen ranges on offer at very competitive prices.
Check out nine of our elegant 14 unit kitchen ranges below.

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Aura £3,995
14 units

A simple slab door finished in
a tactile super matt finish sets
up Aura as a firm favourite for
lovers of modern design. Available
in a range of supermatt colours
which are strong enough to work
on their own or as a contrasting
design for true individuality.


Avondale £3,995
14 units

An ivory/cream coloured shaker with a tongue and groove effect is a stunning example of a traditional door with a modern twist. 


Buckingham £4,395
14 units

The Buckingham design, featuring
a wide frame and ‘V’ grooved
joints, blends a traditional shaker
design with modern colours
featuring a distinctive ash effect
woodgrain. The result is a timeless
kitchen suited equally well to
either traditional or contemporary


Rivington £4,395
14 units

The Narrow-Framed shaker
Rivington design in sleek super
matt paint effect finshes. Traditional
design in the latest colour trends
and a super matt paint effect
finish. At home in the trendiest loft
or cosy cottage.


Boston £4,395
14 units

Boston is an update on a classic
shaker design, with a wider frame
and no ‘V’ groove. The effortless
styling perfectly suits the range
of five tactile, supermatt finishes.
Select a single colour or mix two
for a truly individual kitchen.


Lumi £3,995
14 units

A modern slab door available in
a range of 7 gloss finishes from
stock and a further 6 made to
order, design flexibility is truly
available with Lumi. Looking to
create a striking gloss kitchen,


Vogue £3,995
14 units

A Contemporary, lacquered
high gloss minimalist slab door.
Effortlessly modern and offering
an understated elegance, Vogue
suits modern kitchen layouts and
works equally well in small or large
settings. Available in five colours
including ever popular Dove Grey


Larissa £££
14 units - Call for price

Larissa offers sleek, stunning lines
for a truly contemporary look.
With an integrated handle design
and a high quality lacquered gloss
finish available in five colourways
Larissa is set to become a modern


Malham/Hadfield ££££
14 units - call for price

A classic solid timber shaker
design offering a blend of
traditional materials merged with
modern finishes. Choose from
natural oak or painted ivory with
its subtle grain or go a stage
further and select from a range of
18 carefully selected paint colours
to create a stunning kitchen.

On our timber shaker styles such as the Malham/Hadfield, we can now offer in any colour you desire. Just give us your colour code. Two-tone colours as shown above is now becoming most popular.

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